Know the difference between an SEO Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency!

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When we talk of business and the internet, the creation of a website becomes the focal point. No matter what you do, having a website becomes a necessity. But things do not stop at just having a website. The website needs to reach the mass too. This is where several different types of agencies come to the rescue. The most common being an SEO company like the Digital White Labels SEO Agency USA and a Digital Marketing Agency. They are two different things that people often confuse together. A great SEO agency looks like But where do these two types of agencies relate and where do they differ?

A website is like an infant into the digital world in need of nourishment. There are agencies that actually give you nourishment; there are companies that keep you confused in technical jargon. We’ll try simplifying things for you.

SEO Agency v/s Digital Marketing Agency – The Difference!

The main purpose of all the agencies related to a website remains to shape a website in a way that it helps people and is discoverable by them. Even a web design agency helps a website gain an immense leap in SERP rankings. It was not so earlier. But now after the advent of Web Vitals and their consideration as a direct ranking factor, people are looking for great web designers everywhere. But we are here to talk about the difference between an SEO Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency. How actually do they differ from each other and what you must choose?

A brief about an SEO Agency!

Before we actually dive into the little technicalities, let’s discuss things using a little analogy.

Imagine a world where people have got an opportunity to build their homes and their businesses. We’ll call this world Planet Opportune. Now, this world receives customers from planet Earth every day. People visit Opportune for many different things – buying things, knowing about a subject, playing games, meeting each other, reading novels, etc. So, there are many buildings on this planet. Now, suppose you visit this planet to know about meteorites. There are many buildings that know about meteorites. But, how would you know about which building will be able to tell you about it? Here comes the database keeper. This database keeper sits on the gateway of this planet to tell people about what they seek.

Now, this is a simple image of what the internet is. It has many different websites, just like Opportune has many different planets that represent something or other. People surf through the internet to visit these websites to gain something. But because people do not know what all is there, they use the database keeper called Search Engine. One such Search Engine giant is Google. Google keeps the database of all the websites and their content on its servers (its brain). But how does it come to know what all websites are there and what are they uploading every second? For this, it uses a tactic that it calls SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

What actually is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of guidelines that websites follow to let Google learn about their content. It is like this – Suppose the database keeper of Opportune wants to know about new buildings forming everyday. So it releases the guideline that every new building must install a violet flashlight to indicate to him about their presence. It also wants people to submit a paper having a list of all their rooms and the things there to him in a set format, so the keeper knows what they have.

Similarly, Google has released guidelines that let it learn what the website is, its content is, its meaning, its purpose, and many other things. SEO is simply following these guidelines. And because the guidelines are many and keep on changing, people often go for experts that already know these things. We call these experts SEO Agencies. For example, Digital White Labels SEO Agency USA helps websites ensure that they are doing the right things – Doing SEO wrongly can lead to penalties or even a permanent ban at last.

Some of the basic things that SEO involve is –

  • Keyword Research
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Alt. Text
  • Image Optimization
  • Putting Meta Description
  • Media Optimization
  • Slug Urls
  • Title Tags
  • Snippets
  • Schema Markup
  • Local SEO

And then the list keeps on updating and growing and changing on a regular basis. This ensures that the internet keeps on improving and growing to become a better place.

But now these websites do not just want to depend on Google to suggest themselves to people looking for them. They want to outgrow their competitors. This is where a Digital Marketing Agency comes in.

A brief about a Digital Marketing Agency!

Suppose you have a website that sells shoes. Very fine! You have updated your digital showroom and told Google everything about it using SEO. But then, there are your competitors too who have done the same thing. They too have updated their digital showroom and conveyed it all to Google and other search engines. So, which of your websites should Google suggest to a user who wants to buy red sneakers? This is where you require something more than a digital SEO agency; this is where you require a digital marketing agency (USA).

For this, it uses many ranking factors. Hell, a lot of ranking factors. Some of these ranking factors are known to the digital experts. Here is a list of known Google Ranking Factors –

  • Age of the domain / website.
  • How secure is the website?
  • Level of SEO done
  • Bounce Rate (are people spending some time after visiting the website?)
  • Retention Rate (How many users are returning back?)
  • Quality of link building [how many other websites are talking about your website? (Number of backlinks) And how many of those websites linking to you are actually famous and experts? (Backlinks with high DA and PA scores]
  • Niche of websites linking to you
  • Social Media Signals
  • Quality of Content
  • Websites Design and its efficiency (Core Web Vitals)

These things are hard, much hard to excel upon. This is where Digital marketing comes in.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing aims at bringing the website to the top in its industry. For this, it uses many tactics like

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • SEO
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Guest Posting
  • Blogging
  • Link creation
  • Retargeting and Remarketing

And then there are many other things. There are digital marketing companies that offer all these expert services under one roof like . Digital White Labels SEO Agency USA uses proven white-hat techniques to lead a website towards its growth. We had used it at our earlier stage.

The thing is that Digital Marketing involves lots of things under its umbrella, including SEO. It is fairly costly than SEO alone. But one must know that Digital Marketing is important at the present date due to the hyper digital competition. This is why major companies invest millions on Digital Marketing and SEO to outgrow their other digital giant competitors. How much investment you need to make depends on how much competition you currently have in the market. If the competition is fairly low, the investment required will be low by itself. But if the competition is high, the efforts required are high too, and so is with the investment. But it reaps high profits too. This is how things work. So, if you have a website that you want to see growing, it is time you look for its feed.