Reasons Why Selvatica Should Be Your Next Adventure Destination

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Selvatica is a great place to visit if you are looking for some adventure. This is one of the best ways to spend your day in Cancun, especially if you want something different from the tourist places in town. Here’s why I think Selvatica should be your next destination:

You can zip line in the jungle

Zip line tour in Cuncun are a great way to see the jungle. You can zip line at night, which is something I have never done before and sounds like an exciting experience! It’s also a good way to get some exercise.

You’ll be able to see the wildlife in the jungle, including birds and monkeys. And if you’re lucky, maybe even an alligator or two! This is especially important if you live in Miami where there aren’t many opportunities for outdoor activities (unless you’re into kayaking). Zip lining is a fun way to get away from city life for a few hours while still being able to enjoy nature and do something exciting with friends or family members who aren’t afraid of heights!

Don’t worry about crowds or long lines

Selvatica is a small park, so you don’t have to wait in line for long. If you’re looking for an adventure with your friends or family that doesn’t require much waiting time, this is the place for you!

There are plenty of activities at Selvatica: zip lining through the jungle canopy and hiking through streams are just some of them. You can even ride horses into the forest if that sounds like something fun (and safe) enough for your taste. Plus, there’s a restaurant and bar on site, so you won’t go hungry or thirsty during your time spent here either!

It’s a great place to go out with friends or family

Selvatica is a great place to go out with friends or family. They have activities for all ages and skill levels, so you can bring the whole family, or just go alone! If you’re not sure about your skills yet and want to try something new, Selvatica has instructors who will teach you how do it safely before letting loose on their equipment. If you’re feeling adventurous, they also offer tandem zip lines where two people ride together in one harness the perfect opportunity for couples to share an intimate moment while flying through the trees!

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You can eat and drink for a cheaper price than anywhere else in Cancun

If you’re looking to save money on food and drinks, Selvatica is the place to be. The food is delicious and affordable, especially considering that it’s located in Cancun. You can get a full meal for less than $10 USD!

The drinks are also very affordable you won’t have to worry about breaking your wallet buying cocktails here. If you want something sweet, try one of their signature margaritas; if you want something stronger (and cheaper), go for one of their beers or tequilas instead!

The staff at Selvatica is friendly and helpful as well; they’ll make sure all your needs are met while staying true to their commitment toward sustainability by using reusable cups whenever possible rather than single-use plastic ones like most restaurants do these days.

The staff is always happy to help you out in any way possible

The staff is always happy to help you out in any way possible. If you need help with anything, they’re right there to lend a hand and show you the ropes! They’ll make sure that everyone has a good time while also ensuring that they stay safe throughout their time at Selvatica.

Selvatica is one of the best ways to spend a day in Cancun.

Selvatica is one of the best ways to spend a day in Cancun. This zipline tour allows you to zip through the jungle, eat and drink for a cheaper price than anywhere else in Cancun, and have fun with your friends while you’re at it! The staff always happy to help in any way possible.

Selvatica offers several different packages:

  • Selvatica Adventure Packages: Includes lunch or dinner buffet at our restaurant, use of our facilities (lockers, showers), transportation from/to downtown Cancun hotels & airport shuttles if needed.
  • Selvatica Extreme Package: Includes everything above plus unlimited zip lines with no waiting time between runs! This option also includes free entry into Xcaret Park (1 day ticket).


If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a day in Cancun, Selvatica is the place to go. It’s not only an adventure park but also has great food and drinks at affordable prices. The staff is always happy to help with anything that comes up during your stay here so feel free to ask them anything!