Run Your Smart Home Network Smoothly With the xFi Gateway

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Xfinity is one of the largest internet service providers across the nation not only because of its accessibility but also because it is reliable, affordable, and comes with additional benefits. One of Xfinity internet’s extra benefits at a reasonable additional cost is the xFi gateway.

Well, if you have a smart home network, we are sure you will be needing an internet service with great speed. While Xfinity provides high-speed internet signals, still smart home networks require a little more than that. The xFi Gateway is the perfect device for a smart home that requires coverage, speed, network protection, integration among devices, and much more. The xFi Gateway is a high-tech router plus modem that can be connected through WiFi as well as Ethernet cable.

So, if you want to learn how it makes your network run smoothly, read along and find out.

Easy to Install

The xFi gateway device is available with any of your Xfinity internet plans and is very simple to set up. You won’t have any problems installing the xFi gateway if you have a basic understanding of how to install tech items. The primary gateway device comes with a bit of paperwork, a self-installation kit, a power cable, a coaxial wire, an Ethernet cable, and a beginner’s guide.

The guide provides you with clear know-how on everything you need to know about the installation, and all you have to do now is plug in a few wires and cords and you’re ready to go.

High Speed

Well, when it comes to a smart home network, ultra-high-speed is a prerequisite because of all the high-tech devices. Xfinity internet offers great speed tiers and ultra-high-speed that is good enough for a family of streamers, smart homes, as well as gaming. While in this case, your traditional router may fail to deliver that kind of a speed, the xFi gateway maximizes the speed and sends it in its original maximum capacity.

Minimized Lag Times

The latest xFi Gateway device has a Next-Generation WiFi 6E and has 3x more bandwidth compared to the previous generations. Well, often times when you have a smart home, a smart router is required to catch up with your network and make it work in integration. The xFi Gateway does the same. It provides maximum speed, minimizes lag times, and keeps your entire network connected and integrated. This way, due to minimized lagging, your devices work smoothly in coordination.

High Coverage

Besides high speed and low lag times, one more thing that ensures that your home network runs smoothly is the fact that the xFi Gateway provides high coverage. When you have a big house, which has a number of smart home security, gadgets, and other smart home devices, you need a router that spreads signals all around the house or some devices just keep getting disconnected.

In that case, the xFi Gateway provides you maximum coverage and even covers all the dead zones in your house. This way your devices always stay connected. Moreover, you can roam around in the remote corners of the house and never have to lose signals again.

24/7 Support

One thing that becomes a hassle when you have to run a smart home network is that when something goes wrong, you have to reach out to tech support, which isn’t always available. When you purchase an Xfinity xFi gateway, you will receive 24/7 Xfinity Customer Service technical assistance to assist you any issues that may arise. Furthermore, the Xfinity app has a real-time support option that can assist you with connectivity and other internet-related problems.

This is a lifesaver, because when you buy such equipment, it may be a big nuisance if you have a problem, and the tech support is not timely available.

Protects Your Network

Some of the biggest internet issues in today’s era are cybercrimes. The xFi Advanced Security is a built-in Advanced Security option in the xFi Gateway that not only protects you from the increasing cyber crimes but it also protects your network from hacks and cyber-attacks. When you have smart home security you assume you are safe but in reality, if you don’t have internet security anyone can hack your accounts and break into your home network, disable your security system, and can easily enter your house.

So, it is not only important for web security but also for your home’s security. The xFi Advanced Security adapts to your home’s network and understands your patterns in order to provide you maximum security and detect threats in real-time.

Parental Controls

Besides Advanced security, one more thing that is necessary for today’s era is controlling what your kids watch. With everything accessible to the kids on the web, it is hard to control what content they watch and whether it is appropriate for them or not. The xFi Advanced Security not only saves you from cyber threats and secures your devices, but it also allows you to watch and monitor your children’s activities.

You can restrict your children’s screen time, and block age-restricted content from their devices. This way Xfinity ensures you maximum security and safe content for your kids.

Monitor All Devices from the App

When you have a smart home, it gets convenient to be able to have one hub where you can control it all from. Usually, you can get an Amazon Echo, or a smart router plus modem to help you do that, but according to us, the best option to do so is by using your Xfinity app. With the xFi Gateway and the voice remote, you can easily monitor your entire home’s network through a single app.

Separate WiFi Hotspot for Guests

One more thing that makes your security and xFi process smoother and convenient is the xFi Gateway which comes with hotspots for your guests. The xFi Gateway keeps your personal WiFi secure and private and has separate WiFi for outsiders so that your home network stays secure.

Final Word

Well, if you are planning on making your smart home more efficient and want to bring security and convenience to your network, get the xFi Gateway now because it will help run your entire home network smoothly.